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A new feature of AskASoccerReferee is the “challenge question” — from time to time (no particular schedule — only when the “spirit moves”), I will post a question for you to answer.  There is no form or format for a reply except as follows: your answer must (a) be as brief as possible, (b) be sent to, and (c) have “challenge” plus the question number as the subject (e.g., Challenge #2).  Any response which doesn’t include (c) will be ignored.  After a suitable lapse of time, I will post my answer and indicate how the answers you submitted compared with this.  There will be no flames, and I will ignore any follow-up which appears to not be constructive or thoughtful.

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Current open Challenge

Challenge #2:

Red #12 is dribbling the ball and Blue #20 is actively challenging, both  running at full speed less than two yards from Blue’s goal line and to the left of the goal.  Red backheels the ball to a teammate and the momentum of both players carries them off the field where they get tangled up and fall to the ground.  At this point, Red #6 has the ball about ten yards up from the goal line with only the Blue goalkeeper standing on his goal line between Red #6 and the goal.

Red #12 is the first to recover.  He springs to his feet and rushes back to the field.  When Red #12 is approximately 1 yard into the field, his teammate passes the ball to him.  Red #12 pivots left and neatly places the ball low into the goal just in front of the left post.

The assistant referee raises his flag for an offside offense, the referee cancels the goal, and Blue takes an indirect free kick where Red #12 received the pass from his teammate.

Were these decisions correct?  Why or why not?

Prior Challenges

Challenge #1:

At the taking of a penalty kick, the Red kicker inadvertently just grazed the ball and it began rolling toward the goal slowly.  As it was moving forward, a large dog ran onto the field, grabbed the ball in his mouth (it was a very large dog!) and began running around the field in a playful manner.

What action(s) should you take?

Answer: The ball was legally put into play (kicked and moved forward) but, on the way to the net, an outside agent interfered with play.  Law and tradition have long stated that every penalty kick (or kick from the mark) must involve a realistic chance to score — which did not happen here as the ball was prevented from continuing in its path forward.  The kick must be retaken.  There is no requirement that the original kicker must perform the retake.  The 2016/2017 version of the Laws describes this scenario and outcome in general terms at the bottom of p. 96.  No response answering this challenge correctly was received.