Challenge Question

A new feature of AskASoccerReferee is the “challenge question” — from time to time (no particular schedule — only when the “spirit moves”), I will post a question for you to answer.  There is no form or format for a reply except as follows: your answer must (a) be as brief as possible, (b) be sent to, and (c) have “challenge” plus the question number as the subject (e.g., Challenge #2).  Any response which doesn’t include (c) will be ignored.  After a suitable lapse of time, I will post my answer and indicate how the answers you submitted compared with this.  There will be no flames, and I will ignore any follow-up which appears to not be constructive or thoughtful.

So, here is “Challenge #1”:

At the taking of a penalty kick, the Red kicker inadvertently just grazed the ball and it began rolling toward the goal slowly.  As it was moving forward, a large dog ran onto the field, grabbed the ball in his mouth (it was a very large dog!) and began running around the field in a playful manner.

What action(s) should you take?