Dear Site Visitors …

As a result of a hard drive failure, we have lost all to and from e-mail traffic after roughly October 20.  Fortunately, this occurred after we had responded to nearly thirty e-mails that had accumulated over the prior three weeks.  The loss appears to be not reparable due to policies preventing a buildup on the askasoccerreferee server which would take up space.  The physical, substantive, and administrative support this site receives is provided entirely by volunteers and, as we trust you have already noted, you are not bombarded with advertising so costs are kept to a minimum.

That said, we have been noting an increase in messages coming in which cannot be responded to.  We respond, publicly or privately, to everyone whose e-mail address is readable.

Recently, just within the space of several weeks, we had three private responses that were returned as undeliverable:  the address was bad, no longer existed, was not authorized to receive messages that failed to meet certain criteria, and so forth.  If you have not heard from us, on any recent past message, it is because your e-mail address falls into one of these categories and you will never hear from us unless you review your end of the e-mail traffic and either correct your address or change to a different address.  It would help if you then re-sent your original message with a corrected address and we will promptly send you, using the new address, our reply. This assumes, of course, that you want to hear back from us — if that is not the case, why write in the first place?