Update on “Apology”

A follow-up note to askasoccerreferee readers:  If this is the first time you have visited the website, you should find an earlier message I posted (titled “Apology” on July 5) which explains the not-so-little problem the site  and I began having as of April 17 of this year.  In brief, all queries sent via the question form after 4/17/17 and continuing until roughly July 5 disappeared into some sort of internet alternate universe — the only thing I can state with assurance is that they weren’t coming to me and, thus, not getting answered.  Our Awesome Webmaster Chris was able to recover what appear to be all the missing messages and delivered them to me in spreadsheet format.

At first, it seemed that there were some 90 of them (!!!).   A closer inspection determined that some not insignificant percent of them were messages without content and thus unanswerable.  A smaller percent were re-sent messages (i.e., duplicates) from people who wanted to make sure we got the original (which we didn’t … and didn’t get the re-sent copy either).  All this whittled the unique answerable messages down to about 60 — still a large number.  Some I answered privately as that seemed not only quicker but also more in keeping with the subject matter.  As of today (July 16), I have worked my way through and publicly posted more than 30 from the original batch, plus 5 that came in since July 5,  and have roughly 20 to go.

We will get there and thanks for your patience.