Penalty Kicks

I know that stutter steps, etc. are allowed by players performing a PK, but what if something excessively elaborate happens (player is bringing the game into disrepute),

e. g.,

On the way to take the PK, the penalty kicker does a back flip or hand stand, etc. Obviously this is a cautionable offense, but what is the restart?

??? – Stop the taking of the kick, caution, and then have the kick taken correctly?

??? – Stop the taking of the kick, caution, and then award an IFK for the defense?

??? – another scenario?

This is probably in the Advice booklet but I thought I would get an expert opinion.

USSF answer (April 2, 2008):
You will find it in Advice 14.9. Summed up, in this situation we try to stop the kick from occurring but, if this turns out to be not possible, we follow the same rule governing other infringements of Law 14 by the attacking team (retake penalty kick if the ball goes into the net, indirect free kick if it does not).

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