At an advanced referee clinic recently the following scenario was discussed, and there was uncertainly regarding the proper ruling. The scenario was as follows:

A defender, from a throw-in in her own half, throws the ball to her keeper who stands in her own penalty area. The keeper accidentally deflects the ball into her own goal with her hands.

Question: is this a goal or must we punish the offense by the GK of touching the ball with her hands from a throw-in by her own teammate?

If ‘goal’ the proper call (which seemed to be the majority opinion), what is the basis, in the LOTG, for ignoring the GK’s offense? Was it “trifling” or “doubtful,” or is “advantage” to be applied here, or is it something else?

USSF answer (July 24, 2008):
As the goalkeeper has committed an infringement of Law 12 (as well as of Law 15), the referee may invoke the advantage and award the goal.

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