Thanks again, for the forum this has been. Since my discovery of it a couple weeks ago, I have submitted questions on 3 separate occasions. I hope there’s no limit on these.

Here’s my question, brought about partially by a previous response regarding a referee covering tattoos. The Administrative handbook states that the referee crew must wear the same length of sleeves, but does not make mention of long sleeved undershirts. Is a referee allowed to wear a long sleeved undershirt (I would assume black would be the default) with a short sleeved jersey? Or are long sleeved undershirts only permitted under long sleeved jerseys? Also, if a referee chooses to wear a long sleeved black shirt (dri-fit style I would assume) under his short sleeved jersey, and the rest of the crew also wears short sleeves, is this acceptable? Thanks.

USSF answer (December 1, 2008):
Referees should strive for the most professional look possible. Wearing long-sleeved undershirts under a short-sleeved jersey does not meet the criteria for a professional appearance.

However, you might check to see if your local referee association has a rule on this (many do). For example, one local assignor we know of requires that all referees she assigns wear only black undershirts and under no circumstances combine a long-sleeved undershirt with a short-sleeved jersey.

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