Early on in my referee training in the mid 1980’s, I was instructed as an AR positioning for a corner kick from the oppositte side of the field, that I was to take 1 step inside of the corner flag, so that I would have a clear view and wouldn’t have a problem with my flag banging with the corner flag. I have had assessors advise me to stay off the field and behind the flag. What is the preferred positioning?

USSF answer (January 19, 2009):
Let us consult the oracle, the USSF publication “Guide to Procedures for Referees, Assistant Referees, and Fourth Officials” (2008-09), which tells us that for a corner kick from the referee’s side of the field:

Assistant Referee
• Provides confirming flag signal (45 degrees downward toward near corner) after referee indicates a corner kick when ball crosses referee’s side of goal
• If referee makes obvious eye contact to ask for assistance on correct restart, signals for corner kick and maintains the signal as referee indicates decision
• If the ball passes out of play and immediately returns to the field, signals with a vertical flag until acknowledged by the referee, then gives the corner kick flag signal
• Steps upfield from goal line to avoid pointing the flag off the field
• Moves to the near corner and takes position on the goal line behind the flag
• Following the kick, recovers to the offside position as quickly as possible

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