It is with great regret that we announce that will alter operations for the foreseeable future. It has been a wonderful four years since we transferred the service from to and almost 15 years since the service began at Thanks to all our readers for their support and encouragement over that period. We will continue to post occasional answers to questions, but they will not bear the official approval of the U. S. Soccer Federation. All answers will go out privately, but most will not be published on the site; that has been our practice since the service began. All answers currently posted on the site (i.e., through 16 April 2012) have the approval of the Federation — that is fact and cannot be changed by removal of the US Soccer logo, etc. A fifteen-year record of accurate, dependable, and authoritative answers is now history. That is something no one else in this country can claim.

This quote from a message to me from Ryan Mooney of US Soccer will explain some of the reasons behind their and our decision:
“The decision has been made to currently suspend . . . U.S. Soccer’s involvement with the service you have previously provided for us.

“In connection with this, we ask that you please remove the U.S. Soccer Referee Department logo and all language on the website,, related to answers being issued in coordination with and approved by the U.S. Soccer Federation’s National Program for Referee Development.

“Your past service and contribution is greatly appreciated and I regret that we have decided to move in another direction.

“Thank you for your patience as we have extensively reviewed the matter internally.”

If readers have further questions regarding the reason for this action, please direct them to Mr. Mooney at USSF.

Jim Allen