During my last game, I was an AR and there was a PK. The kicker sent the ball to the goal post, it bounced back on the field and she kicked it again going out of bounds for a goal kick. I raised my flag as soon as the kicker hit the rebound, however the CR said goal kick (which told me that he didn’t know that part of the law)…

I lowered my flag right away, thinking that I was not going to make a difference.

However, I thought what would have happened if the ball went in the goal… I would have raised my flag but what if the CR still declared a goal…

So my question is, what would be the right way to proceed in this scenario if you are the AR? Should you stay on the goal line trying to bring the CR’s attention? What if the CR does not agree with you, should the AR just lower the flag and concede the goal?

USSF answer (March 11, 2009):
If the referee declares such a play of the ball to be a goal, it is the assistant referee’s clear duty to give the referee the correct advice. If the referee refuses to take this advice, then the assistant referee has done his or her duty.

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