For U12 girls soccer playing US youth soccer, following 8v8 rules, conforming to FIFA laws of the game, can a coach in charge of the division change the rules for play, specifically the following? Thanks ahead of time for your response.

Rule changes – my goal is to keep games within at least a 3 to 5 goal margin. The best way to do this is with a fair draft. Just in case we fail see below:

1. We may have to drop down to 7vs7 for the spring. So go recruit your friends daughters. We need players.

2. No team under any circumstances will be allowed to have more than 4 players from their fall team. I don’t care if schedule conflict, trade, swap, whatever. If there is a practice conflict that player will need find a place with one of the three other teams. So keep this in mind when you draft.

3. If a team is up by four or more goals, any given player for the winning side will not score more than three goals in the game. If a player kicks in a goal during this period, it will be nullified and other team will receive a penalty shot. A second infraction leads to ejection of that player and a penalty shot along with the nullification of the “goal”. (so if you have a “ringer” move her to defense or goalie after you are up). If a game falls back within a two goal margin the rule is waived.

4. If a team is up by four or more goals that team will be restricted to “three touch” until there is only a two goal margin. Infractions will lead to indirect kick.

5. If my attempts to balance the league are unsuccessful in my opinion then I will draft two players from the top one or two teams to play for the weaker teams at mid season.

USSF answer (January 21, 2010):
Those rules are not covered in the Laws of the Game or in the USYS recommended rules for small-sided soccer. They are, rather, clearly intended to be part of the rules of the competition. If there is a governing body for your league, then they must approve such changes in your rules.

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