In a competitive tournament, The referee was intimidated by a coach at the end of the game, (end of regular playing time but all players were still on the field waiting for the sportsmanship greeting between two teams the referees and the coaches and then he (referee) gave that coach a red card, took his membership card away so that he would be removed from the field. Later in the same day, the tournament organizers put his card back to allow him in the field and unfortunately the same ref administered the game with this coach’s team, he complained to the officers at the referee’s center and he was told to do away from that game. It was really intimidating to the ref.

What should he does to get a satisfied explanation? Your response is greatly appreciated.

USSF answer (August 27, 2008):
Once the referee has expelled a coach in accordance with the Laws of the Game, his or her job is complete. If, in its infinite wisdom, the competition authority undermines the referee’s authority by disregarding the normal suspension the coach for at least one game, that is their problem. The referee who has accepted the assignment to the subsequent game has no alternative but to accept the will of the competition authority or ask to be relieved of the assignment.

Of more importance to us is the act of showing a red card to the coach or any other nonparticipant. That is forbidden by the Laws of the Game. If the competition authority, again in its infinite wisdom, chooses to require that such nonparticipants are shown the red card, then the referee must once again follow the rules of the competition.

The referee is not entitled to any explanation for the foolishness of the competition authority, nor is he or she obliged to continue a relationship with that competition.

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