I have stumbled upon a few videos on the internet about “tricks” on how to play a corner kick.

This one specifically leaves me with quite the bitter taste…as a player but also as a Referee)

All that gesture to make everyone think he’s calling a teammate to take the corner kick (and then takes it while starting to go away from the corner kick) can it fall under the “unsportsmanlike behavior” ?

It sincerely doesn’t look/appear like a “Fair Play” at all as the only intent is to deceive the opponents in a way that only make me think of “cheating”.

There is no “technical” infringement as the ball is played according to the LOTG.

Now, according to the USSF “CAUTIONS AND CAUTIONABLE OFFENSES” memo of 2006 :

< A player commits an act deemed by the referee as bringing the game into disrepute (also known as showing a lack of respect for the game, e. g., aggressive attitude, inflammatory behavior, or taunting) >

Can this sort of ‘act” be considered as an offense (as outlined by the memo) ?

If yes, it should be considered unsportsmanlike conduct therefore the “guilty” player should also be cautioned.

USSF answer (January 30, 2009):
It is perfectly legal to do this. How could anyone object to this tactic? The player has put the ball in play in accordance with the Laws of the Game. The kicking team is allowed to use such deceptive tactics and SHOULD NOT be punished for them. However, if the kicking player had merely stepped on top of the ball and then left it for the next player, who dribbles it away, that would not have been a legal restart. But even that is not punished with a caution, as it is not misconduct; in that case, the referee would call the second player for a double touch and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team.

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