1. Where can I find the deviations from the laws for kids? I have check all the web sites in my are and there is none listed and with talking with other referees we cannot find where these are to prove what is right.

2. Is there a written changes/deviation from the laws for kids that are standard nation or world wide?

3. Youth teams – Team “A” and Team “B” are playing and a player from Team “A” goes down hurt and is sub for by team “A”, can team “B” also sub? If so how many players can be sub?

4. With most youth club games being done by no State and National level referees (mainly by grade 8’s), is there any mentoring programs to help keep quality of refereeing consistent from location to location.

USSF answer (June 1, 2009):
In the introduction to the Laws of the Game, the International Football Association Board (the people who write the Laws) indicates what modifications are allowed:

Subject to the agreement of the member association concerned and provided the principles of these Laws are maintained, the Laws may be modified in their application for matches for players of under 16 years of age, for women footballers, for veteran footballers (over 35 years) and for players with disabilities.
Any or all of the following modifications are permissible:
– size of the field of play
– size, weight and material of the ball
– width between the goalposts and height of the crossbar from the ground
– duration of the periods of play
– substitutions
Further modifications are only allowed with the consent of the International Football Association Board.

Please note that under the Laws of the Game these modifications do not apply to any groups of players other than those who are under 16, are women, are over 35, or are players with disabilities.

In answer to your questions:
1. You will have to check the rules of the competition in which you referee or coach. Neither U. S. Soccer nor U. S. Youth Soccer has approved any modifications for players Under 13 or older. U. S. Youth Soccer has approved modifications only for small-sided soccer, ages Under 6 through Under 12. Here is the link for the small-sided rules and mods:

2. There is no national standard deviation from the requirements of the Laws of the Game. The entire world outside of some competitions in the United States plays in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

3. The Laws of the Game allow substitution by either team at any stoppage.

4. You will have to check with your state soccer association(s) for mentoring programs.

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