Boys U18 league game. I am the coach (also a referee and referee instructor). My forward beats the 2nd to last defender about 8-10 yds from the penalty area line.. Now 1 v 1 with the GK. GK advances to just beyond the penalty mark. Within the penalty arc heading toward the goal with the ball at his feet is taken down from behind by the defender he just beat. No attempt to play the ball, foul was not hard but enough to trip the attacker and cause the ball to go over theĀ goal line outside the goal.

The center official was following the play approximately 15 yds behind. Immediately blows his whistle, displays a YELLOW CARD??? and restarts with a DK in our favor.

Obviously in my opinion this really looks like a DGSO and a red card. I address my comments to the AR2 who was following the play, even with ball, expressing my opinion that this is a DGSO and that I hope you address this with the center at half time. His reply? “Well, you know there are a lot of referee’s who wouldn’t even award a yellow card for that.”

Am I missing something here or what? Of course I am partially venting but more importantly in my recert classes the video’s provided to me by our state organization seem to clearly show that this is an area that we all should be clear on. Mandatory red card.

USSF answer (May 6, 2009):
We join you in regretting that there are indeed referees such as the assistant referee describes. No courage equals poor referee. However, in this case, the referee may have exercised his opinion, certainly his right, and decided that there was no obvious goalscoring opportunity. But that would be the only possible excuse for not sending the defender off in this situation.

Nor does the AR escape unscathed. His comment was as unprofessional as the referee’s handling of the situation.

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