What is the grade level of an entry level referee instructor, assignor, and/or director

USSF answer (July 18, 2011):
There are three sorts of entry-level referees. The first is Grade 9, recreational referees; the second is Grade 12, assistant referees; the third is Referees Grade 8.

Instructors come in three varieties: Recreational Youth Instructors, Grade 11, are allowed to teach only the Recreational Referee Course (Grade 9) only. Associate Instructors, Grade 9, may teach under the direction of a senior instructor. Referee Instructors, Grade 7, may teach the full entry-level course under the direction of a senior instructor and have completed a course in ITIP (Instructional Theory INto Practice).

If by “directors” you mean assessors, there is only one entry-level grade, Grade 9, an Associate Assessor. If by “directors” you mean something else, we are at a loss to define it.