Does the USSF maintain a list of their sanctioned affiliate leagues and tournaments across the US? Have they considered making this public?

It would help our referees to be able to look up a league or tournament to see if they are USSF sanctioned. Since each one should be registered with USSF, it seems an obvious body to provide a trustworthy listing of who is actually approved.

Of course, a referee can write or call a league and ask them if they are sanctioned…but I sometimes worry that a non-sanctioned assignor might not be 100% honest with refs. A central listing maintained by USSF would help all the referees be sure we are working under an entity that is in good standing with the USSF, and also help quality certified refs locate those leagues and tourneys who make the effort (and pay the fees) to be legitimately affiliated.

USSF answer (January 10, 2012):
The Federation does not maintain a centralized list of leagues or tournaments in the various state associations. Your referee committee and/or the individual referees concerned will need to check with the state associations under whose governance the particular competitions might fall.