OFFSIDE Relative to Memo of March 29, 2009

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I understand the emphasis USSF is putting on the offside player actually touching the ball (to be guilty of ‘interferes with play’) before the AR raises the flag, or it is “clear no other attacker will play the ball”. Since that touch might occur many yards, (could be 30-40 yards) downfield from where the offside player was when the ball was played by his teammate.

Is this the correct mechanic?

1. The AR should follow the ball/second to last defender until a player in offside position is determined to be offside (by touching the ball or interfering with a defender.)

2. The AR raises the flag, and after the referee whistles, lowers the flag to the appropriate angle to indicate near, mid or far location.

3. The AR lowers the flag and moves quickly up to the touchline to indicate the location of the restart (where the player in offside position was located when the ball originally was touched or played by a teammate).

USSF answer (September 2, 2009):
That is correct.

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