My question is about a penalty kick which changed the outcome of the game. A player on our team fouled a player on the other team inside of our penalty box. Everyone was lined up and ready. The player taking the penalty kick took the shot before the goalie blew the whistle, and out goalkeeper stopped the shot. Play started, but the referee blew the whistle and awarded the penalty kick over and a goal was scored. Is this the correct action by the referee? My understanding from reading the website is that the shooter violated Law 14 and our team should of been awarded an indirect kick from the spot of the foul. Please help. Thanks.

USSF answer (March 26, 2009):
If the penalty kick is taken before the referee signals, the kicker should be warned and, upon repetition, cautioned for unsporting behavior. The kick must be retaken, regardless of the outcome of the first kick.

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