Was going over the procedures on kicks from the mark and had a question concerning whether the goal keeper has to participate in kicks by taking a kick.
When I learned the procedures, the team supplied a list of the first five kickers and if the score was tied at the end of the first group kicking. The team supplied a list of the next 5 kickers and you proceeded in pairs until one team was ahead.  If still tied at the end of 10 kicks, the team supplied a new list of 5 players which could be any 5 players. The wording of the position paper implies that all players must kick (11 if there are 11). My question is must the goalkeeper kick.
The second question assumes the answer to the first question is that they do not have to kick. If this is true, but the keeper chooses to kick, does the 11th player have to be the first kicker of the 3rd set of 5 players given to the referee.
Was discussing this with a referee from Virginia who is currently at the university. He thought that all 11 players had to kick. When I learned the procedures in the early 90’s that was not the case.
Thank you for your help, you do a great job.

USSF answer (April 7, 2008):
The Laws of the Game have never required that teams submit a list of players for kicks from the penalty mark. What you learned was likely a local (and erroneous) practice. If it is necessary, all players remaining on the field (or off the field with the permission of the referee) at the end of the game are eligible for kicks from the penalty mark and no player may kick a second time until all the players on his team have taken their kick. So, yes, the goalkeeper must kick if that becomes necessary.

What you learned some years ago is based on requirements of the National Federation of State High School Associations, not something used in soccer played under the aegis of the U. S. Soccer Federation.

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