During this 2010 World Cup we’ve seen a plethora of missed calls.

1) For games at this top tier of play, will referees review close calls during their halftime break, or after the game?

2) And what are the referees opinions about the use of instant replays. I know FIFA officials are opposed, but would the men on the field appreciate having a second look at game changing decisions?

USSF answer (July 2, 2010):
Soccer is a fast-moving game played and officiated by human beings. Human beings make mistakes and players make many more mistakes than the referees, but everyone seems to accept that.

1) No, the referees do not review close calls via video or otherwise during the halftime break. They may discuss them; however, as there is no possibility of reversing the decision once the game has been stopped and restarted, the discussion is purely academic. Referees at the top levels, not only those at the World Cup, review their games and do a self-assessment of their work.

2) Numerous systems of game review during the game have been tested around the world, but none has been seen to be worthy of use in actual play. However, although instant replays are not currently being considered, FIFA may reconsider the possible use of goal line technology (according to a recent comment by its president).

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