Late in a 1-0 game an altercation occurs behind the play in the penalty area. The red team GK and a blue team player are cursing and pushing each other. Play is stopped and both players are sent off. The coach of the blue team claims the red GK initiated the incident by grabbing the jersey of his player while he attempted to return to the play. You have a novice AR working on that side and while going to consult with him; you can see he does not know what happened any more than you do. Nearby however is an experienced ref you have worked with before. He is in uniform, waiting for his game to start. He is holding his hand over his badge, the signal you have used between you before when the AR wishes to speak with the center.Question: Can you consult with the other referee, as if he was a fourth official? If yes, would in make any difference if he was not in uniform?

Answer (September 5, 2007):
As convenient as that might be, this referee is not working this game and, no matter what his credibility in all other matters, his information cannot be used here.

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