What are the U.S. Soccer requirements regarding numbering on uniforms. We would like to be compliant with U.S. Soccer, but cannot find reference in the Laws of the Game.

USSF answer (November 14, 2008):
You cannot find it in the Laws of the Game because it is solely a requirement for the competition. However, the Laws do recognize that numbers are practical, as they are mentioned only once, in the back of the book under Procedures to determine the winner of a match or home-and-away

– If, at the end of the match and before kicks start to be taken from the penalty mark, one team has a greater number of players than their opponents, they must reduce their numbers to equate with that of their opponents and the team captain must inform the referee of the name and number of each player excluded.

Our suggestion would be that you consult with the state youth or adult soccer associations in your area to see what they recommend.

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