Recently, one of our players was called off sides after receiving a long punt from our goalie who just made a save. In the laws of the game, it states that a player can not be off sides on a goal kick. The rules also describe a goal kick as a kick that occurs after the ball travels over the end line, last touched by attacking player. But what happens if the goalie makes a save and punts the ball? Is the goalie punting the ball the same as a goal kick regarding offsides? Any clarification on goalie punts vs. goal kicks and offsides would be greatly appreciated.

USSF answer (April 10, 2009):
Law 11 (Offside) tells it all — There is no offside offense if a player receives the ball directly from a goal kick. The goal kick is a way of putting the ball back into play. The goalkeeper punt is a way for the goalkeeper to get rid of the ball within the amount of time for him or her to do so , but the ball is already in play.

Your player was probably called offside correctly when he or she received the ball from the goalkeeper punt.

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