Memorandum — 3/25/2009
Offside– Interfering with Play

Last paragraph:
‘This memorandum confirms that “interfering with play” cannot be decided unless the attacker in an offside position makes contact with the ball.’


Attacker is in an offside position near the halfway line and ball is played through near him/her. “Offside” attacker then pursues the ball all the way to the corner flag and is trailed by a teammate who eventually beats him/her to the ball. Defensive line breaks late as they wait for the flag to rise for an offside call.

In this scenario and according to the memo, the AR should chase the ball to the corner flag and will not signal an offside until the player (who was in an offside position prior) actually touches the ball.

Correct or Incorrect? What am I missing?

USSF answer (March 26, 2009):

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