First let me say that this is a great tool. The local chapt. meetings are usually tight timewise and it’s nice to have another outlet for questions. This past weekend, during a tournament for the local rec league, in one of the games the defending team committed a foul in the penalty area resulting in a PK. On the ensuing kick the keeper left the goal-line before the ball was played and the shot hit the cross-bar and then was touched by the shooter. I awarded a rekick of the PK since both violated the Laws. After the rekick and goal I thought (to myself) that maybe I should have given the defending team an indirect free kick. If the ball ended up in the goal or missed the goal and went out of bounds that would have been easy — kick off or goal kick.

Did I make the right call?

USSF answer (November 13, 2007):
Technically you were correct, in that if a member of each team infringed on the procedures for Law 14, there must be a retake. But let’s look at it from the point of view of current Law: If the goalkeeper’s departure from the line is to be officially observed (as opposed to being considered trifling), then the correct decision would be a retake of the penalty kick (defender violates Law 14, goal not scored, etc.). However, if the goalkeeper’s action IS considered trifling, then the second touch violation is the next event to receive attention and that would result in an IFK for the defending team.

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