This question is specifically regarding the powers of the 4th Official. During the recent Atletico – Valencia game, both the referee and assistant referee miss a handling of the ball within the penalty aria. After a few seconds of play the referee stops play and consults the 4th official who informs the referee of the offense.

Subsequently a penalty kick was awarded and the Valencia player was sent off for DOGSO. My question is that even though the LOTG gives the 4th official the power to “assist the referee at all times,” does that include actual fouls that happen on the field within close view of the referee and assistant referees? I believe that the 4th official has this power even though it is not explicitly expressed within the LOTG, however many other officials disagree.

USSF answer (March 10, 2010):
You are correct: The fourth official has the authority to provide any and all information to the referee.

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