I have Law 12 questions dealing with procedure to issuing cards. According to USSF the proper way to issue a card towards a player or substitute is IBC (Isolate, Book, and Card). However from watching MLS, EPL, La Liga etc, I see referees issuing cards first, then taking the time to write in the book.

I do issue cards by IBC, but only due to the fact that my assessor says “players are ready to restart and don’t want to wait for the booking IF I show the card first.”

1) What is the proper procedure in FIFA (international matches) to issueing cards?

2) Are the USSF/FIFA procedures similar? or does FIFA teach it differently.

3) When issuing Reds should the procedure be the same? IBC, or show the card, then book them?

Please give an indepth explaination.

USSF answer (April 12, 2009):
You must have watched far fewer games than we have, as your observation that the cards are issued immediately in all situations is, in fact, wrong, no matter what country you live or referee or watch TV in. Either that or selective memory has contributed to the assessor’s well-meant but misplaced advice.

Throughout the world there are two ways to administer the issuance of cards for misconduct. The first is the standard way: stop play, take names, write details of the incident and then show the card, together with an admonition to behave for those who have been cautioned. The second is used to immediately defuse difficult situations in which delay of the card could lead to even greater difficulties: That is to show the card immediately and then take down the details.

We suggest for your (and the assessor’s) further reading p. 38 of the Guide to Procedures for Referees, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials (2008-09).

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