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No question but a comment pertaining to the Q&A about goalkeeper being out of the PA when punting.

I have seen six AR’s flag for this in the past year or so. On five of the six, the GK was clearly NOT over the line when there was still ball-hand contact. As you know, goalkeepers when punting usually release the ball from their hands well before their left leg extends forward and plants in the act of punting. I am convinced that most AR’s who flag for this (and they are always either the most inexperienced or the most anal) only do so because they see the left leg over the line in the act of punting – which of course is totally irrelevant as to whether the GK handled the ball out of the PA.

It would be nice to see this point emphasized in referee training.

Also wouldn’t hurt to emphasize it in an answer in Ask a Referee.

Editor’s comment: And here it is as an unofficial comment.

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