I am curious if a coach who is also a referee can lose his referee license or be disciplined if he is caught cheating (playing an illegal player) at a sanctioned event. Also can a person who is a referee lose their referee license or be disciplined if they are caught illegally playing in a sanctioned game?

The situation I have is a referee who is a coach of an U19 girls (recreational) team played his daughter aged 19+, who is a also a referee, in a game at a sanctioned tournament and was caught. Can either or both of them be disciplined as a referee?

USSF answer (October 28, 2009):
The best plan would be to download from the US Soccer website ( the Referee Administrative Handbook. You will find it on the referee pages, under Instructional Materials. Look in the Handbook for U. S. Soccer Policy 531-10, which deals with Misconduct of Game Officials.

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