I know the referee’s shoes should be black and the white brand logo is allowed. Is there any other part of the shoe that could be a different color like the top heel area, or does the entire shoe have to be completely black. Can a the cleat be mostly black, but have white areas?USSF answer (March 8, 2007):
Traditionally, referee shoes were all black, in keeping with the original referee uniform which was also almost all black. Referees should select their shoes with an eye for both utility and appearance. The referee has to run on the field with at least as much speed and agility as does a player and so the shoes should enable them to do this under all field conditions. Players, team officials, and spectators often make initial judgments about the skills and knowledge of the referee based on appearance, and shoes can contribute significantly toward building that reserve of confidence. It is also occasionally important that players, who are frequently looking down at the ground, be able to identify the referee quickly by differences in the shoes. Accordingly, the referee’s shoes should be predominantly black, clean, polished, and neatly tied. Small manufacturer’s logos in white or a color that does not attract too much attention are acceptable. Designs and colors which unnecessarily call attention to the referee are strongly discouraged. In addition, all referees on any particular game should strive to make their dress, including shoes, as uniform as possible. Finally, referees must also consider any requirements for equipment established by the competitions in which they officiate, e. g., the professional leagues. As referees find themselves officiating more competitive matches, these guidelines become more important.

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