Good afternoon;
I am hoping you can clarify the below for me regarding the authorized referee uniform. On page 34 of the 2007 Referee Administrative Handbook regarding the standard dress and appearance, under BLACK SOCKS it states “with Federation referee crest or three stripe white top. Simple and clear. But on the same page under ALTERNATIVE UNIFORMS, it states “Logos, Emblems and Badges: Only manufacturer’s logos and U.S. Soccer approved badges and/or emblems may be visible on the referee uniform.”

So I am allowed to have plain black socks with 3 stipes on top and say for example; a Nike or Diadora logo? ALso, the logo can be something OTHER than the USSF logo such as the manufactures logo (Nike or Diadora for example) when using the three stripe socks?

My last question, the way I read it, if the plain socks dont have a USSF logo, they must have the 3 stripes. I have seen referees that have whistles, wrist bands, whistle lanyards, shoes, shorts and such with manufactures logos, so I am inquiring about socks (plain black) without the three stipes and without the USSF logo but only the manufactures logo (like Nike or Diadora) are they authorized?

Thank you for taking the time in entertaining my question.

Answer (November 15, 2007):
The policy is that the socks are black and must have the USSF logo or three stripes on the top. Period. We are not concerned about manufacturers’ logos on the socks if they meet the other criteria. For advanced competition, it should be noted that Official Sports is the official supplier of referee gear and Nike is the Federation’s sponsor.

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