A new referee, or a referee reinstating after a lapse, is usually give a patch through the following year and an insurance policy corresponding to the patch (e.g. a new referee certifying in 2010 will get a 2011 patch and policy.) We have been told by USSF that the patch is good from time of certification through the expiration of the patch. This in effect gives the referee 16 months or so of registration on that patch. However, the policy goes from September to September. So the policy year coverage would not have started yet for this new referee. Is this referee covered for the balance of the year in which he/she certified even if the patch and policy are for the following year? This situation is the same for referee that has been reissued a patch after being covered under the grace period for a lapse.

USSF answer (July 26, 2010):
The September date on the policy has nothing to do with the registration cycle. That is simply the date that U.S. Soccer renews the policy every year. All currently registered referees are covered by the insurance regardless of the registration calendar.