[Two related questions came in. We have combined the questions and answers]
1. A question has risen in another forum concerning a statement in section 14.3 of the Advice to Referees. Specifically, at the taking of a penalty kick, if the kick is taken before the referee signals, ATR 14.3 asserts that the kick must be retaken, regardless of the result of the first kick. However, some very experienced and knowledgeable referees maintain that, if a PK (taken before the referee signals) is missed, it is contrary to the spirit of the game to allow the kicking team a second chance.My question is, is ATR 14.3 correct? Or am I misunderstanding something about fairness in this situation?

2. We had an interesting scenario here during one of our state cup finals. Game went to kicks to break the tie. One of the kickers approaches and kicks the ball prior to any signal by the referee. The kick does NOT enter the goal. The referee, based on discussion with AR, decides not to retake the kick.

Is this correct?

We have reviewed the ATR & FIFA Q&A regarding Law 14. Both make reference to attacker or kicker infringement based upon the referee signalling proceed with the kick.

USSF answer (June 17, 2007):
1. Yes, Advice 14.3 is correct. It makes no difference what “some very experienced and knowledgeable referees maintain,” because the Law is clear. There can be no change of the restart if it is taken before the referee’s signal. If there is an infringement AFTER the referee’s signal, then the restart can be changed.

2. It is implicit in Law 14 that there can be no infringement of the requirements of Law 14 before the referee has signaled for the kick. Therefore, any act that occurs before the referee’s signal cannot change the restart. If the act constitutes misconduct, the referee should deal with it accordingly.

Please note that, contrary to rumors, no announcement was made at the 2007 National Referee Certification and Recertification seminars that the referee could restart in such a case with an indirect free kick.

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