I n high school, if a player scores a goal and then celebrates by a dance or something to bring attention. Should the player be shown a red or is it possible to show a straight soft red?

USSF answer (December 27, 2010:
We do not do high school rules here; however, going to straight red of any sort—the real world does not have “soft” cards—seems a bit harsh.

According to NFHS rules (12-8.2.a), a player is given what is often referred to in HS play as a “soft red” (i. e., red+yellow together, sent off but can be replaced) for “any delayed, excessive or prolonged act(s) by which a player(s) attempts to focus attention upon himself/herself and/or prohibits a timely restart of the game.” Arguably, “a dance or something to bring attention” could be considered covered by this language. We say “arguably” with some reason, as nowhere else in the world is there any such thing as a “soft” card of any color. And a so-called “straight red” in such a situation would not be supported by the NFHS rules.