What is the official stance of Chicago in regards to referee sleeve lengths? Frequently in the MLS, referees wear different length sleeves. It has been stated by grade 5 referees in my association that wearing different length sleeves constitutes non-uniformity, and that one can be docked points in an assessment for such. Who is correct?

USSF answer (July 18, 2011):
We are unaware of any precise measurements for referee jerseys. A review of the Referee Administrative Handbook informs us that the wearer must always look professional and that the jerseys themselves may be of the short-sleeve or long-sleeve variety. The equipment worn by officials in the MLS is supplied by sponsors of the League and falls outside the requirements for other refereeing officials.

If you mean that a refereeing crew should not mix short sleeves and long sleeves, that is correct, but at lower levels of play it must sometimes be done. We cannot expect every beginning referee to have a complete wardrobe.