Still trying to sort out the March memo.

Attacking team sets up for a DFK from mid-field near the touch line.

Defending team sets their line along the 18. In the corner diagonal from the spot of the DFK, one defender positions himself between two attackers. Prior to the kick, the two attackers move (or are trapped) into an offside position. Kick comes across the field and into the corner where the defender heads the ball out of touch. No other players touch the ball and all other players (both attackers and defenders) are at least 15-20 yards away. What is the correct restart?

USSF answer (June 1, 2009):
If by “out of touch” you mean into touch, i. e., over the touch line rather than over the goal line, the answer is throw-in — unless, in the opinion of the referee, the defender was “distracted” by the two attackers, in which case you have an indirect free kick for offside. The latter does not seem likely, at least not from your description.

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