This situation happened in a U16 girls semi final match. The offensive player was fouled in the penalty area and a penalty kick was awarded. The teams lined up for the kick. The player taking the kick then took the kick before the referee blew his whistle. The keeper saved the shot. Then the referee decided that since he did not blow his whistle the kick should be retaken. The same kicker then again took the kick before the referee blew his whistle and missed the shot wide. The kicker was then given a yellow card. The referee then allowed the team to retake the kick again. The team switched kickers, waited for the whistle and scored on the third attempt. The game ended 1 to 0.

Should this team been allowed to continue to infringe on the rules and still be allowed to take the kick over and over?

Also should the team have been allowed to switch kickers?

USSF answer (June 12, 2008):
In most cases, infringements of Law 14 occur only between the referee’s signal for the restart and the ball being kicked and put into play properly. ┬áViolations of the Law prior to the referee’s signal are handled the same as any other misconduct occurring while the ball is not in play.

The referee dealt correctly with the player who kicked the ball twice before the referee had blown the whistle: first a warning, then a caution, each followed by a retake of the penalty kick.

The team is allowed to change kickers if the kick is being retaken.

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