Evidently the Adidas referee jerseys are making it to the states and being sold at TJ Maxx for #25 each. See the discussion at [an internet referee board]. Referees are purchasing these jerseys with the intent of wearing them in USSF games. They will have enough extra jerseys for referees who don’t have the Adidas jerseys. Is there any reason that referees cannot wear the Adidas jerseys? I can see a lot of confusion if allowed, with referees being pressured to buy the Adidas jerseys or having to wear borrowed jerseys.

USSF answer (March 4, 2010):
The uniform sold by Official Sports International (OSI) is the official uniform for referees affiliated with the U. S. Soccer Federation. The standards for that uniform were established by the USSF Board of Directors and may not be changed by anyone else. The design sold by OSI must be worn to all games and tournaments affiliated with the Federation. If referees find another uniform that meets the same design standard, they may wear that uniform for their lower-level games. Unless the Adidas uniform meets those standards, it may not be worn for any affiliated games.

See the USSF Referee Administrative Handbook for a description and pictures of the only approved uniforms:

Standards of Dress and Appearance Official U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Uniform
Official Sports International (OSI) is the official supplier of referee uniforms to U.S. Soccer.
GOLD SHIRT: with black pinstripes (long or short sleeve)
ONE BADGE ONLY: U.S. SOCCER FEDERATION – WITH CURRENT YEAR (Securely fastened to shirt over left chest. The badge should be for the highest grade for which the referee is currently qualified)
BLACK CUFF: (on long sleeve shirt only) (no cuffs on short sleeves)
BLACK SHORTS: Bottom edge of shorts not less than 3 nor more than 7 inches above the top of the knee- cap.
BLACK SOCKS: with Federation referee crest
BLACK SHOES: (may have white manufacturers design) with black laces
Alternate Referee Uniforms
The following four shirts have been approved by the Federation as alternates that can be worn in case of color conflict. There is no order of preference among the alternate jerseys. The other parts of the referee uniform (shorts, socks, shoes) do not change if the referee wears an alternate shirt.
BLACK SHIRT with, BLACK COLLAR, and BLACK CUFFS (on long sleeve shirts only). RED SHIRT with, BLACK COLLAR, and BLACK CUFFS (on long sleeve shirts only). BLUE SHIRT with, BLACK COLLAR, and BLACK CUFFS (on long sleeve shirts only). GREEN SHIRT with, BLACK COLLAR, and BLACK CUFFS (on long sleeve shirts only).
Logos, Emblems and Badges: Only manufacturer’s logos and U.S. Soccer approved badges and/or emblems may be visible on the referee uniform.

Note: Older versions of the OSI uniform may be worn until they need to be replaced.

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