If the ref calls,corner kick , the kick is taken, ball is in play then a goal is scored. After the goal is scored can he say,”oops, it was supposed to be a throw in not a corner kick” The ref claims he can change the call before the ball is put in play….was the fact that the corner was taken and goal scored considered “in play”?

USSF answer (November 29, 2011):
Just as the referee cannot rescind a caution (yellow card) or a send-off (red card) after play has been restarted, neither can the referee change the restart itself if it has been taken.

If the referee discovers after play has restarted that the wrong restart was taken, the referee must provide in the match report all details relevant to the mistake.

The failure of the referee to include in the match report accurately and fully any such errors is a serious breach of the referee’s responsibilities.