Announcement of October 16, 2008:
In response to numerous requests about how to access the Week in Review publication as soon as possible, the U. S. Soccer Federation notes that the Week in Review (WIR) is available each week no later than Friday afternoon. Although it uses examples from the pro game, the WIR provides guidance for refereeing at all levels of play. An attempt is made to write it so all levels of officials can apply the weekly lessons to their game. The WIR is intended to supplement U.S. Soccer’s position papers and other official material.

On the web page, on the left, click on Referee Programs and you will be brought to the Latest News section which lists the Week In Reviews. Also there are podcasts available. To listen to weekly podcasts highlighting the main issues from the “Referee Week in Review” document, on the homepage, look mid page for the tab that says “Podcasts.”

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