I’ve looked through official sources as much as I know but cannot find anything explicit about ending an indoor game which uses a clock and buzzer system.
United States Soccer Federation, Indoor Playing Rules.

9.1 BALL IN PLAY: The ball is in play at all times from the start of the game to the finish, including:…
The question is, what about a goal being “scored” from a ball that is kicked before the buzzer sounds.

It is my contention that the buzzer acts like a whistle and signals the end of the game or period and play stops at the sound.

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USSF answer (March 12, 2008):
You are correct, the period of play ends at the moment the horn/buzzer starts to sound. Just as in other sports in which the horn or buzzer is used, the rule is implied by the written rules but enforced in application by the referees. To reference it, you have to put different parts of the indoor rules together;

1.15 HORN: Each game facility has a horn or buzzer, subject to the control of the Timekeeper, to be sounded upon the expiration of each quarter, any overtime period, and otherwise as set forth in Rule 6.

5.2 POWERS: Referees’ decisions on points of fact connected with play shall be final so far as the result of the game is concerned.

9.1 BALL IN PLAY: The ball is in play at all times from the start of the game to the finish . . . until a decision has been made by the Referee.

10.1 LEGAL GOAL: Except as otherwise provided by the Laws, a goal is scored when the whole of the ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar . . ..

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