Is there a USSF rule about a goal keeper not being allowed to punt the ball past mid-field? We were told at our game yesterday that if the ball goes past mid-field in the air, that a penalty was enforced from where the ball landed? That sounded hoakie to us and since we are playing by USSF rules, I wanted to come to a source. Thank you in advance for your time.USSF answer (April 16, 2007):
The U. S. Soccer Federation does not make rules for youth play. That is up to U. S. Youth Soccer and other affiliated youth organizations. USYS recommends that players under 13 years of age play small-sided soccer, for which they have promulgated their modifications of the Laws of the Game. Players aged 12 and above play according to the Laws of the Game, with modifications for length of halves.

The USYS U10 and U12 rule says:
Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct: Conform to FIFA with the exception that an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot on the halfway line if a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball in the air from his/her penalty area into the opponents penalty area.

The USYS U 10 and U12 addendum says:
Law 12 The rule on the goalkeeper’s distribution still allows for the ball to be punted the entire length of the field, it just can not go directly into the opponents’ penalty area

So, yes, the goalkeeper may punt or kick the ball into the opposing team’s half of the field and even into that team’s penalty area. The only requirement is that the ball hit the ground somewhere outside the opposing team’s penalty area before entering that penalty area.

However, there may be a rule in the particular competition (league or cup or tournament or whatever) in which your team plays that has this rule. Please check with the competition authority.

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