Ask A Soccer Referee “Beta”

Welcome to the new look of the Ask A Soccer Referee website. As you can see, there have been quite a few changes implemented to the site. These changes include:

  • Searchable: You can now use the search box to look for past posts.
  • Categorized: In addition, each post is categorized to allow for easy browsing by subject.
  • Question Form: To ask a question, simply use the form on the “Ask a Question” page.
  • Archived: Easily browse through the archived posts.
  • RSS Feed: View new posts through the RSS feed.

Right now the past year of posts are archived. We will slowly be adding the posts from the last 10 years as well. There may be some issues as we bring the site up to full capacity and tweak the user interface. Please bear with us as we transition from the old site to this new one.

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