Recently the USSF released a position paper called “I got the ball” which stated that there can still be a foul even if the one committing the foul touched the ball first. I recently saw the 1999 Fouls and Misconducts Women World Cup instruction video from the USSF.

In the past, some of the “fouls” shown at the beginning 5 minutes might have been considered clean (they were clean judged by the referee), but with the release of this position paper and changes of the interpretations of the law, the video might be outdated since upon some examination, the fouls show what the position paper states: “Getting the ball first does not make a tackle legal.” and “Getting the ball first but following through with the rest of the body in a careless or reckless manner or using excessive force does make the tackle illegal.” Please watch the video and offer me some opinion because these two things combined are confusing me. Upon further pondering, I think going with the most recent position paper would be the best bet.

USSF answer (August 15, 2011):
The Federation has been teaching the principles stated in the position paper for many years. The problem is that too many referees have chosen not to make the proper call. Rather than make that proper call, they have chosen — and many still choose — to listen to coaches, players, and spectators instead of following the Law.