My question is about fouls .
Before i start, i will state some data:
Blue Team = Defense
Red Team = Attack
* The red team is around the goal of the blue.

So here it goes:
Player from the red team is holding the ball by his feet, trying to turn off player from the blue.
The place of both players is close to the out line.
The red player passed the blue player by going OUT of the field, keeping the ball inside.
The Blue player decides to tackle the red player while he is standing OUTSIDE the field.
My question is , if you call for a foul, how do you renew the game ? free kick? from where? If it’s a “referee ball” so who get the ball ? if the attack, than what about if its very close to the defense goal?

USSF answer (January 28, 2009):
A player is allowed to leave the field to avoid an obstacle while playing the ball. This does not require the permission of the referee.

We cannot be expected to read the players’ minds. If the Blue player was standing inside the field and stuck his foot outside the field when he tackled the Red player, then he is considered to have left the field without the permission of the referee, because he left the field to commit the offense. The restart — following the caution for leaving the field to commit the infringement — is an indirect free kick from the place where the ball was when play was stopped. The Blue player has not left the field during the course of play, but left it specifically to commit what would have been a foul if it had been committed on the field.

Please note that no foul can be committed off the field of play. Such acts are punished as misconduct.

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