On USSF sanctioned games, does the referee have to fill out a sent off report? If so, please direct me as where does it say we have to do this. I realize that state organization may require it (you have to have your head examined by not doing it) but we are experiencing huge problems here in [my state] with useless sent off reports and lack of accountability of leagues not wanting to even see the 24 hour report.

As always thanks for your time.

USSF answer (August 17, 2009):
Law 5 requires the referee to report (without designating the recipient — stating only “the appropriate authorities”) any disciplinary action (cards) taken against players or team officials (dismissing from the field) “and any other incidents … Before, during or after the match.”

Misconduct reports must be filed on all matches affiliated with the U. S. Soccer Federation. See the USSF Referee Administrative Handbook (RAH), pp. 48-49. This includes cases of referee assault and abuse (see RAH, Policy 531-9, pp. 7-9). The topic is also covered in other sections of the RAH.

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