why can attacking players not be offside at a penalty kick.


what skills and areas of communication you would you use during a cautioning and a sending off procedure in order to defuse the situation

USSF answer (October 15, 2008):
1. You are a referee and don’t know why players cannot be offside at a penalty kick? Hmmm.

The reason they cannot be offside at a PK is that they have committed an infringement of Law 14 (Penalty Kick), which requires:
The players other than the kicker must be located:
• inside the field of play
• outside the penalty area
• behind the penalty mark
• at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark

The referee must not signal for the PK if any player (both teams) is between the ball and the goal line. Law 14 requires that these locations be in place before the signal.  If any attacker rushes past the ball after the signal but before the ball is in play, this is treated as a violation of Law 14, not Law 11.

2. Defusing a situation during cautioning or sending-off procedure
Stick strictly to the instructions given you by the Laws of the Game, remain mentally alert and always maintain a calm and collect professional manner. Move players aside who would enter into any “discussion” with you, leaving the field if necessary to avoid them. Remain mentally alert, calm, collected, and professional. Get the facts, tell the player why he or she is being cautioned or sent off, show the card, move away and get on with the game. Remain mentally alert, calm, collected, and professional. (We cannot repeat this enough.) And never sacrifice your body.

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